Planning Your Remodel   

Planning Your Remodel with Marin Kitchen Works
The designers at Marin Kitchen Works are trained to help you achieve what you really want in your new space.  The plans you see, the options described, and the products recommended will reflect your individual needs and style.

In the initial meetings, your designer will interview you at length to discover how live in the space.  This is the time to share all your ideas - notes and pictures, too.  As you talk, your designer will help you sort out priorities for the present and future.

After that, comes the preliminary designs to review.  You go over the plans together, discussing the advantages of each.  The designers at Marin Kitchen Works have the knowledge to provide you with choices and the relative investment figures.  Together, you will perfect the plan to make your dream remodel a reality.

Some firms offer a design service only.  Others have a showroom and will offer product selection services.  Marin Kitchen Works can manage the whole project for you, from initial design services through installation.